Virginia ready for full reset tournament play begins

Overcome by feelings, Virginia men’s baseball player Isaiah Wilkins wiped away his tears and bid farewell to his supporters who had stayed in the stands one weekend after the consistent end of the season for the start and their relatives. greater.

Wilkins spoke enthusiastically about the amount he liked to play at the John Paul Jones Arena for four seasons, however, he was not going to insist on melancholy. Actually, it was not long before Wilkins began to wait for the next task this week when the better-positioned Cavaliers go to Brooklyn in search of an ACC competition title.

Virginia (28-2) is the No. 1 seed and plays her first game on Thursday night in the quarterfinals against the fun champion on Wednesday between No.8 seed Florida State and ninth seed. of Louisville. The Cavaliers joined 3-0 against those rivals in the middle of the consistent season.

“I think we need to have a full reboot,” said Wilkins. “There’s a section, and after that you close it, and recently you have the opportunity to fix it up, I still play for free and things like that, but I think the way we’ve organized so far has been excellent, since the end of the Spring, not so long ago, so it’s time to make sure, you should give something more. ”

The player of the year of protection of the ACC with clear print has done as such throughout his profession in Virginia, despite putting the complete addresses of the last triumph of the Cavaliers, 62-57, by forcing a violation of a shot clock against Notre Dame at the last minute.

In this way, Virginia transmits a winning streak of five workouts to the Barclays Center as a result of affirming the best weeks of planting in the middle of a normal season that marks a record.

The Cavaliers became the main program to win 17 ACC recreations in a lonely season and to go 9-0 in a meeting that, as indicated by section expert Jerry Palm, is the third in the Index of classification percentage.

Virginia’s last street win came on Thursday and stood out among the most exciting conclusions of any school ball game this season. Losing Louisville by four with 0.9 seconds left in the second half, Virginia scored the last five unanswered approaches, including De’Andre Hunter’s 3-pointer at the touch of the bell, for a 67-66 win on the street. .

The improbable, according to the players, is a suitable method to welcome the most convincing month of the b-ball school.

“I think it’s essential not to complicate things too much,” said the second point guard Ty Jerome, the third scorer of the Cavaliers. “We’ve been working all year, striving to show signs of improvement in every [game], and we just keep doing it, we control everything we can control.”

Not quite like some other notable projects at the ACC this season, including Notre Dame, Clemson, Miami and Georgia Tech, the Cavaliers enter the postseason having maintained a strategic distance from significant injuries.

Virginia has not had a lost player a diversion in view of damage or illness, however, she received a restless Saturday when second monitor Kyle Guy crashed into the eaves of Notre Dame Martinas Geben.

His teammate ran to circle a screen of Geben late in the first half and hit knee to knee with the senior registered at 6 feet 10 inches, 252 pounds, collapsing quickly on the court grabbing his left leg. Virginia’s medical staff helped Guy go to the locker room, where he received treatment. He returned to the seat to see what was left of the main half.

His partner went back into the fun in the second half, failing in his field efforts while using a support on his left knee.

Subsequent tests uncovered Guy had a sprain in the average insurance tendon, however, he showed Monday that he expects to be in the lineup for the Cavaliers’ ACC opening match.

“It hurts a lot, however, it should be ready on Thursday,” said Guy, who was named the first ACC group. “Apart from my knee, I feel 100% prepared to go and prepared to go far in the competition.”

A teammate drives Virginia in scoring (13.9 spotlights for fun) and triples, despite the fact that he completed 0 for 4 on the field against Notre Dame for his first goalless show this season. Over the course of the last four recreations, Guy has scored in two figures once after 11 such exhibitions in succession.

With a longer cut due to a double goodbye in the ACC competition, Virginia mentor Tony Bennett could give Guy and what’s left of the games.

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