Translate Any Text To Another Language with Google Translate Tool

Today i shair a Google Tool, this tool name is “Google Translate”. This tool is used to translate some paragraph or text. This is a amazing Tool of the google and is totally free. This tool of Google introduced in May 26, 2011. Now a days this tool is very populer in all the word. There are a many languages in Google translate. A picture is given as under to see the language that are given in it.

Translate Any Text To Another Language with Google Translate Tool


Step by step to used this tool of Google.

1- Open Your Browser, For example Google Chrome, or Mozila Firefox

2- Type and press enter. Now guys the tool is open for use.


3- On the left hand side guys you can see the box. In this box you can insert the text which you want to translate in other language.

4- Now on the right hand side Select you desired language with the help of popup button and click blue button (Translate) to translate the text.

I hope guys you will enjoy this trick and do not forget to comment on this post.

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