Google Safe Search Setting Tool

Google Safe Search Setting Tool


Today guys i want to shair with you Google safe search Setting tool. This tool is very important for those who want to filter the unexpected elements. Some times we working on the web in home, a bad search page is appear on the screen. If we want to block these pages then do the following.

1-    Open your browser type and press enter

2-    In the search box type any thing for example “pakskills” and press enter.

3-     The following page is appears.

block unexpected elements on web pages

4-    Click on the Option button option buttonand select “turn on safeSearch”.

To selecting this option guys any search result is now safe. Next time the sexually explicit content is not appears on the screen.

I wish this trick is most important for all visitors. Do not forget to comments on this post.

Thanks By Admin…….Pakskills

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